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Dog Training

Verjean is an instructor for Top Dog Obedience in Garland, and offers Conformation classes there on behalf of Top Dog.  Cash or Checks are accepted.  All checks should be made to Top Dog Obedience. 

Top Dog Obedience

1138 Pleasant Valley, Suite D
Garland, TX 75040
(972) 494-PETS

The following classes are currently offered:

Conformation Classes

Basic Handling/Drop-In

1 hour class
On-going, Perpetual – Drop in rate: $10/dog per hour (all classes currently at Top Dog)

  • Tuesdays 10 am
  • Thursdays 10 am
  • Thursdays 11 am
  • Saturdays 9 am, 10 am, and 11 am

This is an open, come-when-you-want, pay-as-you-go, class conducted on a very casual basis. There is no enrollment limit and is designed for the dog and handler who want to “practice” or work on specific minor problems. You can expect to have your dog examined and gaited, and class size on the night of class  will determine how many times that will occur. The atmosphere of this class is relaxed, but the experience of dogs and handlers in this class setting will greatly vary. This is a good, all-round practice class for anyone showing in conformation.

Introduction to Conformation

(for the novice or first-time handler)
Four weeks – 1 hour sessions - $100

  • 12:00 pm Saturdays (Top Dog Facility)

This class is designed for the person who has never shown, or for the novice owner/handler who has not shown for some time. This six-week class will be an introduction to basic conformation fundamentals. While we will spend time with the dogs, this class is really designed to give the novice owner/handler a working knowledge of how a dog show works, how to enter a show, how to count points, etc. in addition to teaching basic ring procedure and what to expect in the ring. This class is more geared toward teaching the handler, and is meant to teach the fundamentals of basic handling. This is also a highly interactive class, and questions by the handlers are invited and welcomed. This is designed to be fun and informative for those just entering the “show” world.

Puppy Socialization / Puppy Manners / CGC

(There currently are no puppy socialization classes. Puppy classes are only offered when a minimum of four are interested in attending. Please contact us for further information.)

Four Weeks – 1 hour sessions – $100

This class is offered for both puppy and adult dogs needing the basics of obedience and socialization.  We learn sit, stay, come, stand, along with familiarization of the 10 requirements of the CGC exam.  In addition, the puppies have plenty of play and socialization time.

Call (214) 675-5292 for more information or to schedule.

Private Instruction


Private instruction is available upon request. Privates can be conducted on or off site, including in your home. Please contact Verjean to set up an appointment. Private instruction is not only for conformation clients, but is extended to behavioral issues as well.

Call (214) 675-5292 for more information or to schedule.